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A 4-day retreat reconnecting the highly sensitive to self while helping them transform their reality and get to the root of reoccurring patterns.

JUNE 20th-23, 2023


Photograph by Hillary Johnson


You have started the work but you know there's a deeper root to what you're feeling and experiencing.

Some days it feels like you're on the emotional rollercoaster and consistently feel called back to the same old systems - you need a loving hand to help you peel back the layers of the onion and uncover it all. 

It's time to rise above the things that trigger you, step away from your old stories and evolve. And we are ready to meet you exactly where you are, arms open and with love. There is no shaming, no guilt and no pity in this space.

We're working together to recreate your belief system, help you create action steps so you feel triggered less and gently guide you to uncovering the root.

This retreat is for you if you are feeling the call to: 

✔ Finally change reoccurring patterns in your life

✔ Have more control over your emotions and triggers while understanding the real reason behind them 

✔ Meet your needs in healthier ways 

✔ Receive 1:1 coaching, helping you get to the root of what's coming up for you

✔ Rest, heal and have space held for you

✔ Meet a like-minded community of women who are right there with you and are ready to make changes.  

This retreat is NOT for you if:

You're not ready to take action on changing your own life or situation 

You're not willing to step outside your comfort zone to allow radical growth 

You're wanting someone else to do the work for you

You're looking for resort luxury (we'll be in cozy, comforting cabins located in the woods)

You don't enjoy being in nature

You are wanting to drink alcohol during your stay. (don't worry, we party in other ways) 

This retreat is a loving gift to yourself

 A safe environment where you'll experience a slow, peaceful atmosphere. A place that feels like the best camp ever. Allow us to hold the space for you so that you can rest, heal, reconnect to self and the divine.

You'll be guided by experienced artists and facilitators, Chanelle Jefferson (Nova Scotia, CA) and Hillary Johnson (Chicago, USA), who specialize in leading groups towards healing and transformation utilizing meditative arts and EME (energy, mind and emotions) modalities.


During your stay on the ancestral land of the Mi’kmaq in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia, you'll be surrounded by ancient woods, rustic cabins nestled lakeside and abundant nature .This retreat is open to anyone, regardless of your experience level with meditation or whereabouts on your journey of healing.


Come as you are, all workshops, accommodations and food will be provided. Bring yourself, your curiosity and heart


Pricing & Plans

When: June 20th-23rd, 2024 (Thursday through Sunday)

Where: Milford House, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

* More information, location map and how to reach the cottages will be  sent once you have made your booking


Pay in full:                                                                                            Pay Over 8 or 12 Months:

Shared Room  :  $2,100.00 (save $350)                               $306 per month / $204 per month

Private Room  :  $2,375.00 (save $350)                               $340 per month / $227 per month

Private Room  :  $2,650.00 (save $350)                              $375 per month / $250 per month



only 1 left

single bed

queen bed with fireplace

Tentative Retreat Schedule 

*schedule is subject to slight variations or changes in time


3:30pm - Arrive at Milford House & receive room arrangements 

4:00pm - Gather for tea, cake, introductions and opening ritual

6:30pm - Dinner

8:00/9 - Closing ritual and fire


(Portrait rituals throughout the day)

(Optional) 8:30am - Gut healing bone broth

9:30am - Breakfast

10:30 - Excursion/foraging workshop or free-time

2:30 - Light lunch (optional)


5:00 - Workshop on nutrition/tinctures/herbalism 

6:30 - Dinner

8:00/9 - Closing ritual and fire


(Portrait rituals throughout the day)

(Optional) 8:30am - Gut healing bone broth

9:30am - Breakfast

10:30 - 1:1 coaching in group setting

2:30 - Light lunch


4:00 - Workshop

6:30 - Dinner

8:00/9 - Closing ritual and fire


(Optional) 8:30am - Gut healing bone broth

9:30am - Breakfast

11:30 - Check out


The Breakdown

Throughout this retreat you will be gently guided and supported as you prepare to re-emerge into the world. This experience will give you an opportunity to:

• Spend three nights (four days) at Milford House - A beautiful lakeside cottage, so that you can rest comfortably, disconnect from your daily life and reconnect to the surrounding nature.

Value: $1,100.00


• Have three catered and gut healing meals a day provided by Jennifer Chandler Holistic Health, so that you can eat 100% organic, healthy and beautiful food - you will never have to plan a meal. (we can accommodate your dietary restrictions)

Value: $900.00

• 1:1 shifting session with EME (energy mind & emotions) practitioner, Chanelle Jefferson so that you can get to the root of whatever is coming up for you - reoccurring patterns, deeply rooted pain, fears...

Value: $1,500.00

• The Waters We Swim Portrait Ritual with photographer Hillary Johnson (& the photographs) so that you can reconnect to your unique gifts, which, when ignited, will provide more purpose and meaning to your life.

Value: $2,400.00

• Trigger Management & Vibrational Energy workshops by certified EME practitioner, Chanelle Jefferson - so that you can stop letting your emotions control you & manifest the life you truly desire.

Value: $2,000.00

• Implementation workshop so that you can learn the best ways to implement your discoveries into your daily life.

Value: 600.00


• Blind Contour session with artist, Chanelle Jefferson to help you bring more creativity into your life and provide you with the opportunity to see and be seen by other particpants

Value: $ 680.00


• Nightly fires/closing ceremonies so that we can discuss our time together & ensure your needs are being met.

Value: $1,500.00


• Guided foraging workshop at Kejimkujik National Park by master, Jennifer Chandler

Value: $600.00

• Herbalism/tincture/nutrition workshop by master, Jennifer Chandler

Value: $200.00


• A welcome bag full of our favourite goodies

Value: $250.00


• Free time so that you can take time to enjoy nature, canoeing, walking, swimming, journaling or relaxing. Time for YOU.


• Learn how to discover the beauty that is right in front of you, so that you can appreciate and find happiness within the simplest of things (including within the hardships, the grief and the pain)


• Unplug, so that you can be with yourself and disconnect from outside demands, stresses and media (the cottages do not have wifi but do have access to cell service in some areas)


• Make new connections with like-minded women, so that you can create your tribe.

Value: priceless




Total Retreat Value: $11,730.00                Total Retreat Cost: $2,150.00

Meet Your Hosts:

Chanelle Jefferson

When Chanelle discovered the power of her own mind, energy and emotions, her artwork began changing the lives of highly sensitive people throughout the world. 


Through her paintings, retreats and teachings, Chanelle has made it her mission to connect others with their hearts and show them what can be possible - something she is intimately familiar with after closing off her light at age 12.


Her subject matter focuses on themes that connect nature, everyday observation and healing through her use of blind contour methods. She creates her line drawings without looking at the paper as a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness. Her intimate and honest work helps people live with intention and feel deeply seen.

She is a graduate of Concordia University (Montreal, QC) with a BFA in Studio Arts and a minor in Environmental Geology (2021), author/illustrator of My Nova Scotia Cookbook (2018) and host of the yearly, Finding Awe Within the Ordinary Retreat.


Her work has been shown at Museo Bellini (Florence, Italy) and most recently, she was accepted as the Lunenburg School of the Arts, 2023 Artist-in-Residence. 


Jefferson’s pieces are held within the private collections of Pete Luckett and the MacKay-Lyons family. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 2.39.25 PM.png

Hillary Johnson

Hillary Johnson describes herself as a slow photographer, working primarily with 19th century media: wet plate collodion and glass plates, and paper negatives. She is also a multidisciplinary artist who creates video, handmade books, and immersive multi-sensorial installations.


She’s interested in the tension between heartache and beauty; grief and joy; and longing and belonging that underpin the human condition. Her work and research have their roots in twin threads of anxiety: a global cultural anxiety which developed in during the industrial age in the mid-1800's, expanding exponentially in the Anthropocene era as our complicity in climate change was revealed, as well as her own quite personal existential concerns. Her work engages the body in the process of coming to know a place through slow walking and mindful observation.


Johnson’s photographs of the landscape and portraiture examine drastic upheavals that transform or destroy delicate beauty in both the environment and in humankind. She believes that photography can be part of an expansive exploration of empathy, consciousness, and connection for positive social and cultural change.


Her life purpose is to help others evolve and expand their capacity for love, abundance, and creativity through photography, immersive installations and embodied transformational practices.



Instagram: @hillary_irene_the_photographer

The Impact the Retreat Has Had on Past Participants:

2023 Participant 

"If ever I could imagine investing in a gift for myself, this is it. I don't need anything else (except perhaps to do this again). I am at perfect peace within my body, I feel equipped with new knowledge and tools to keep my vibrations high. I felt fully held and supported by every person, especially Chanelle and Hillary, to be vulnerable and leave it all on the mat. Thank you for everything you have provided, physically and emotionally, and I can't wait to see you again."

2023 Particpant

"Chanelle and Hillary have a way of meeting you exactly where you are. I registered for this retreat during a time of difficulty and uncertainty, when I was seeking alignment and answers to deep personal questions. I did not expect such a meaningful sense of community - and yet, that is what I found. From the moment I arrived, I felt instantly connected .. to myself, to nature, and to the women around me. I found peace and ease in a place where no one expected anything from me. I felt welcomed, celebrated, and held, in ways that I didn't know I needed. I left with a renewed sense of wonder and purpose, alight with excitement about the opportunities that exist when we do the opposite of what we've been conditioned to do: simply surrender. When we reach, with no expectation, the universe finds us in the most unexpected and fulfilling ways."

The Space, the food & last years Waters We Swim in portraits:

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