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From the Connection Exposed Series - 2022


Natural Connection 

48" x 48"

Acrylic paint, oil and chalk pastel on raw canvas


Professional framing included. Signed and sealed with UV protectant.


Payment Plans:

  • Payment plans available upon request to:



  • Free local pickup in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


  • Worldwide shipping is invoiced separately after purchase. Feel free to reach out with your shipping address and size for a shipping estimate at


All sales are final.

*note colours may shift slightly on different screens


Natural Connection

  • All paintings are treated with a fixitive and UV protectant but to ensure the work lives longer than the both of us, do not hang in direct sunlight or a highly trafficked spot. 

  • Allowing the ebb and flow of nature to inform, deepen and awaken you and your relationships. We are a direct reflection of the grounded integration of nature. We are all divinely connected.

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