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Online Exhibition - 2023

Learning to Love Again

An online exhibition of Chanelle's new body of work, with priority access to purchase before the exhibit opens publicly 

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The Studies

From a young age I was drawn to the back corners of every museum, art show and exhibition. Straight past the giants and masterpieces in the room to the tiny, folded up pieces of paper with secrets written on them. It didn't matter if it was a great such as Henri Matisse or a current artist having a local show. These "sketches" held the mystery, a look into an artists private life and details people often missed because they spent all their time looking at the Mona Lisa. Don't get me wrong, she's okay, but I was on a search for intimacy, rawness and truth (even at age 10). The scribbled on notebook and sketchbook pages gave me a secret lens into life. They taught me that while yes, there will be a few masterpieces, there will be many more gritty, real and vulnerable moments. Ones where your materials fall apart, your composition is shit and things don't make sense. But learning to find the beauty in those... That's where the real magic lies. Truth is, I have boxes of art on napkins and folded pieces of paper with faded corners. I have drawings that look like blobs instead of my dog, my view out the window when I woke up at a lovers house, reflections in the laundry machine because that's where I sat, on the floor, in University when shit got too hard. And whenever I leave this Earth, these pieces will be where much of my story lies, they are my truth. I will make many masterpieces as an artist, but the human experience is not always clean, presentable, framed and perfect.

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  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We sure do! We are happy to offer 2, 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans with the use of any credit card.
  • How do I set up a payment plan?
    To set up a payment plan, please email: Let us know the artwork you’d like to purchase and the length of payment plan that works for you.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes! We ship to whatever corner of the world you’re in.
  • Is shipping included?
    No, shipping is not included within the price of your original artwork. We invoice you for shipping after your purchase has been made, based on your location. Archival PRINTS include free shipping
  • Is there a local pick up option?
    Please email: to arrange local pick up at one of Chanelle’s studios located in West Clifford or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Bridgewater pick up can also be arranged.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping typically costs $75 - $200 cad. Please understand that this is an estimate and may change based on your location. For a more accurate estimate, please email: with your mailing address.
  • How long does it take to ship the artwork?
    Please allow 2-3 weeks for your artwork to be shipped.
  • Will I receive tracking?
    Yes! Once your artwork has been shipped, you'll receive a tracking code via email.
  • What if my artwork is damaged during shipping?
    Please let us know within 48 hours after delivery so that we can find the best solution for you. After 48 hours, we are unable to replace, fix or be held responsible for damages.
  • Are the artworks framed?
    YES! We are oh so proud of our framing. It's done locally right here in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Can I customize my framing?
    Currently, all artworks are framed in a handmade, pine frame. If you would like other color options, please email: with your framing requests asap after purchasing.
  • Does my artwork come with a certificate?
    All artworks come with a certificate of authenticity which can also be used for insurance purposes.
  • Can I use my artwork as a tax deduction?
    Yes! Did you know, all Canadian art can be used as a tax write-off? Just make sure to have your receipt.
  • Can I see the artwork in person first?
    We would love to have you visit the studio. Please email: to arrange a studio visit in Lunenburg or West Clifford. Chanelle is also happy to visit your home (if you’re local) with the artwork so that you can see it in your space.
  • How and where should I hang my artwork?
    All of our artworks are equipped with an easy to hang, wall safe, wire. Please ensure your artwork is not hanging in direct light, in a high humidity washroom, over a cooking surface or wood stove.
  • How can I best ensure that my artwork lasts longer than me?
    Make sure your artwork isn’t hanging in direct sunlight, a high humidity bathroom, over a cooking area or wood stove.
  • Are artworks archival?
    We use archival materials, acid free framing, fixative and UV spray protectant. Please understand that although we do everything in our power to ensure your artwork has a long life, artworks can fade or change over time if hung in the wrong locations.
  • Are artworks refundable?
    No. All purchases of artwork are non-refundable or exchangeable. If your artwork was damaged in shipping, please contact us at within 48 hours of delivery so we can find a way to best resolve the issue. After 48 hours, we cannot be responsible for damaged artworks.
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About the Exhibition 

Learning to Love Again is an exhibition of blind contour drawings (drawing without looking at the paper) that share a journey of learning to find love again while pushing societies definitions and ideas of success, intimacy and slowing down. 


Through the simplicity of the materials and subject matter, Learning to Love Again creates space for the discussion of finding childlike joy within the mundane moments and the notions that joy must only be found within in the large milestones we often chase. 


Artworks included within this body of work are snapshots of intimate moments within the everyday and were made using a charcoal stick. They are not massive masterpieces created from reworked oil, because like life and the human experience, it is messy, vulnerable and simple, if we allow it to be. 

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Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 8_edited.png

About the Artist

When Chanelle discovered the power of her own mind, energy and emotions, her artwork began changing the lives of highly sensitive people throughout the world. 


Through her paintings, retreats and teachings, Chanelle has made it her mission to connect others with their hearts and show them what can be possible - something she is intimately familiar with after closing off her light at age 12.


Her subject matter focuses on themes that connect nature, everyday observation and healing through her use of blind contour methods. She creates her line drawings without looking at the paper as a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness. Her intimate and honest work helps people live with intention and feel deeply seen.



She is a graduate of Concordia University (Montreal, QC) with a BFA in Studio Arts and a minor in Environmental Geology (2021), author/illustrator of My Nova Scotia Cookbook (2018) and host of the yearly, Finding Awe Within the Ordinary Retreat.


Her work has been shown at Museo Bellini (Florence, Italy) and most recently, she was accepted as the Lunenburg School of the Arts, 2023 Artist-in-Residence. 


Jefferson’s pieces are held within the private collections of Pete Luckett and the MacKay-Lyons family. 

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We would love to hear from you. 

Please email: with any questions, comments or to set up your payment plan or studio visit. 

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