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The Sunday Healers Circle

abundance & co-creation with the universe through energy, mind and heart


  • 15 spots 

  • Open to men and women


  • Organic gut healing broth & breakfast, so that you can stay energized with a clear mind

  • Abundance and Co-Creation workshop, so that you can continue to tap into a high frequency and consistently create the life you truly desire

  • Sacred breathwork session with trained specialist Amanda Ring, so that you can free up deep seated emotions held within the body and receive greater wellness and happiness  (read more here)

  • Gentle yoga flow with Emera Churchill from Ely Heath, so that you can open your heart through movement (read more here)

  • Community, so that you can build long lasting relationships with others who are committed to their healing journey and growth

  • Meditation and ceremony, so that you can integrate lessons and healing 

  • Q&A and 1:1 EME Counselling, so that you can be lead to the root of reoccurring patterns in your life (read more here)

Grab your spot within the community

You're ready to learn a tested methodology to amplify the abundance within your life and 

co-create with the universe consistently.


 You love surrounding yourself with a group of people who are wanting to do the work, who know what it's like to invest in themselves and their journey, who will hold and support you when you need it and cheer from the rooftops to celebrate you. 


Join us for a full day retreat of workshops designed to help you call in more abundance in areas such as love, finances, business relationships and opportunities.


About Chanelle & EME Support (energy, mind and emotions)

Chanelle supports women in rewiring their mind, raising their vibration and accessing their hearts through connecting them back to their true and authentic self - before their belief systems were created from childhood experiences, trauma and societal programming. 


She gently guides you throughout your healing journey while helping you shed layers that no longer serve you. Her work has helped people quit unaligned jobs, protect their energy, start businesses, remove and cure illnesses, create financial abundance, take inspired action, become authors and remove themselves from the rollercoaster of emotions that can be experienced on a daily basis. 


EME Counselling

EME counselling using a communicative therapy methodology focused on getting to the root of a flawed belief system, working through childhood programming, beliefs, trigger management, the science of manifesting and the law of attraction. Helping individuals understand themselves and their patterns while rewiring their minds, hearts and energy to operate from their highest selves in all aspects of life and business.


EME counselling is proven to:

    • Shift and remove the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping you from the life you truly desire,

    • eliminate symptomatic issues from psychosomatic health problems or diseases,

    • Learn how to deal with self-sabotaging personas that appear,

    • Shift disempowering and debilitating emotions into positive and empowering emotions,

    • increase income and ability to hold wealth, 

    • create a better quality of life.

      November 2023 EME Integration Practitioner Certification®, Authentic Living, Colorado, USA

About Breathwork & Amanda Ring

Amanda helps women by supporting them to shed old layers of fear, shame, guilt, doubt and deepens their listening to their inner Wise Women knowing, whilst they awaken to the divine source of life they already are!
As women go within, with support, safety and love, they awaken to their light.  

On the healing path with Amanda at your side, women gain insight, build resilience, rediscover the sacredness of life, softness and compassion for the journey of unbecoming and awakening to the light within. Women begin to take empowered action, transform old patterns and become the inspiration for others to also live their lives more authentically, and embody heart led living.

Sacred Breathwork 

Breathwork and "rebirthing" is a guided breath practice using Consciously Connected Breathing. This type of breathwork is a supported practice that activates the release of held tension, stress, memories, constricted/blocked energy, and processes mental-emotional and psychic trauma. 


It serves as a potent tool for spiritual purification. Breathwork is an experience of super-ventilation of breath/lifeforce/prana which alkalizes which both alkalizes the physical body (increasing the level of O2 in your bloodstream). This helps to release and integrate held energy, trauma, and unprocessed experiences.

This type of breathwork alkalizes your blood Ph, creates an anti-inflammatory response in the body, helps to elevate mood, and supports overall health and wellness. 


Amanda is trained in both Holoptropic Breathwork (Spiritdance® Sacred Breath Holy Water) and level one of Liberation Breathwork®.

The breath used as a tool for transformation creates a bridge between the conscious and subconscious states. This type of cyclical breathwork allows access to, and release of, deep-seated emotional material held in the body (all layers - including the etheric) which frees up your potential for greater wellness and happiness. 

Many beliefs, mindset blocks, chronic physical ailments, and life experiences can be explored this way. 

Amanda is a Thought Leader, Mentor, Empowerment & Consciousness Coach, Energy &  Shamanic Intuitive Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Breathwork Facilitator and Spiritual Guide. 

Check out to learn more.

October 2019 Liberation Breathwork Intensive® Level 1 Training, Sondra and Marcus Ray, Guilford, Britain, UK.

October 2019 Spiritdance Breathwork Practitioner Training, Sundoor®, School of Transpersonal Education, Scotland, UK

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ELY Health & Emara Churchill

Emara brings a rich tapestry of expertise and passion to the realm of wellness. Her credentials, include a 200-hour YTT certification with a therapeutic focus, Breathwork and Meditation certification, and ongoing pursuit of a 500-hour YTT.

Her dedication to sharing the gift of mindfulness, particularly with women leading busy lives, is evident in her multifaceted approach. Emara incorporates mindful movement, meditation, and breathwork into her teachings, offering a diverse range of modalities to cater to individual needs.

Practice at Ely Health


We promise to offer accessible practices that infuse mindfulness into your everyday life. A daily practice that cultivates peace, purpose, and growth. Through this daily practice, you will begin to remember your worth and unlock your potential. Discovering hidden talents and tapping into your inner power. You will redefine your limits. We promise expert guidance. Receive instruction from experts in their respective fields who are dedicated to guiding your mindfulness journey.

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