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Chanelle Jefferson is a contemporary artist born and based out of the South Shore of Nova Scotia. She is recognized for her use of line throughout her work as well as the spaces she creates for meaningful and conscious connection.

Her subject matter focuses on themes that connect nature, everyday observation and healing through her use of blind contour methods. She creates her line drawings without looking at the paper as a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Chanelle's work helps its viewers connect with their heart while reminding them to slow down and discover the beauty within the mundane.

She is a graduate of Concordia University (Montreal, QC) with a BFA in Studio Arts and a minor in Environmental Geology (2021), author/illustrator of My Nova Scotia Cookbook (2018) and host of the yearly, Finding Awe Within the Ordinary retreat.


Her work is held within the private collections of Pete Luckett and the MacKay-Lyons family. Jefferson's work has been shown at Museo Bellini (Florence, Italy) and most recently, she was accepted as the Lunenburg School of the Arts, 2023 Artist-in-Residence. 

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