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Connection Exposed - Part II

private showing

When we take the time to look broad and deep, there is a greater issue at work that affects us all. To no fault of yours or mine, we have been manipulated by society to fit into a box that was never ours to begin with. As a result, we have become more disconnected than ever from ourselves, others and nature. We miss the finer details that bring magic into our lives which has become the biggest wound of our current society. It is the root of our pain and suffering, of war, deceit, withdrawal and avoidance. The gap created by this disconnection can be healed, but it requires courage. It requires us to slow down, breathe and look deep, internally. Take a moment to close your eyes and remember that ultimately, you are energy, you are nature. In the reuniting of yourself with that vibration and the essence of your being, you will find freedom. Hand to Heart Feet to Ground Inhale Exhale Connection Exposed - Part II is a visual documentation of my healing journey through remembering connection, nature and observation. These pieces demonstrate and expose the shift from disconnection to reconnection through time, space and relationship. Each artwork shares an experience from childhood trauma, loss and pain to transformative healing, gratitude and acceptance. I trust that this work will find you at a time when it’s needed most within your own healing journey. That these pieces create deeper connections and conversations for you internally and externally. I hope they encourage you to dive deeper and reconnect so that you may look at your wounds with acceptance and begin noticing the beauty in the mundane.