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The Art of Being Seen Drawing Project

Be drawn and gently guided through the journey of self-discovery and healing.

Through a combination of purposeful conversations, reflection and being drawn using blind contour techniques, you’ll be invited to explore the depths of your emotions and discover the beauty of your being.


Allow the body that has carried you, to be seen, loved and accepted. 

What's included?

- a three hour guided experience located in my West Clifford studio.

- a safe space for you to fully relax and allow yourself to be seen, loved & accepted.

- meditations and self-reflections so that you can explore the depths of your emotions and the experience.

- unlimited time to sit with the artworks created of you so that you can witness yourself being reflected back to you from a place of pure love.


- the experience of being drawn blind contour so that you can feel what it is like to be deeply seen, understood and heard.

- a credit equal to the cost of your experience  ($250.00) towards any drawing purchased during the Art of Being Seen show (date and location TBA)

- your artwork included in a published book (anonymously) 


Be guided through unlocking your power.


*payment plans available upon request to:

* upon booking you will receive a contract. All contracts must be signed and delivered before your experience date 

The Art of Being Seen Drawing Project

Find a date that works for you below!

Do I have to be nude for my session?
Absolutely not! There is never any pressure to be nude or do something you're uncomfortable with. You're welcome to be wrapped up in a blanket or be guided through being fully or partially nude. We offer a cozy robe for you to change into. 

Can I purchase my drawings after?

Of course! After your session you’ll receive a follow-up email where we can chat about what pieces you’d like to purchase.

If I purchase my drawings will they still be included in the show and book?

Yes! All purchased drawings are framed. We’ll arrange a pick up date so that they can be included in the show. Photographs for the book will be taken before they are delivered to you.

Do you offer payment plans?

We sure do. Payment plans for this experience start at as low as $43.33 a month. Payment plans are also available for the drawings upon request.


What will happen with the drawings in the future?

2-3 of your drawings will be included in The Art of Being Seen Book and at least 1 will be included within an in-person show. Date and location TBA


What if I can't come to your studio in Nova Scotia?

This is a travelling project, which means I can travel to you! Send us an email to: to arrange a session at your location.


How long are the sessions?

Sessions typically last 2-2.5 hours.


Do I have to think of my own poses?
Nope! Just show up with yourself :) I will guide you through actions and poses that feel good to you. I will NEVER pose you or force you into a position that doesn’t feel comfortable or good for you. This is not a photography portrait session…


What should I wear?

Whatever feels comfortable and good for you. That can be anything from a swimsuit, a sweatsuit, lingerie or a flowing dress. 


I’m nervous.. Is this for me?

Nerves are normal, you’re doing something a little out of your comfort zone - but I always say, that is where the magic happens. You’ll receive an onboarding survey so we a curate the space to help you feel comfortable. You’ll be entering a relaxed and safe environment. 

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