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Artwork designed specifically for you. 

You love what you love. You're looking for a piece that perfectly fits your space and incorporates parts of your story that are important to you...

It's time to stop hunting.


Îdonea - São Miguel, Portugal - Commission 2023 
3 feet x 12 feet 
Created and drawn from the clients gardens on sacred land 

Finding the perfect artwork doesn't have to be difficult or daunting...

Each piece is a medley of my practice and your story. We’ll work together to gather inspiration from previous works, colours, aspects of nature and the space the art will live in.


Use the simple form below to share a bit about your dream artwork with us. Please allow 1-3 business days for us to review your form - We'll get back to you and let you know if our work is a right fit for you and your space. 


Please keep the following in mind:

- there is a $1,500.00cad minimum for commissions (interest free payment plans are available upon request)

- 50% deposit is required before beginning

- commissions are non-refundable 

We work hard a the beginning of our commission process to receive all the details while understanding your desire. This ensures that you and your dream artwork are in good hands. 

have questions? contact us

Artwork created for past collectors:

... I shared that I would like to have a painting that captures the magic of my large fruit, vegetable and flower garden, Chanelle immediately took charge and proceeded to photo just about every plant that I had growing.
We quickly worked out a plan that would entail the creation of 3 separate pieces to cover a 3 metre span. She agreed to return home to Canada and create her magic, and would return within the month with the work to assist in mounting the 3 pieces together. This involved working with a local framer on the island, who Chanelle had contacted and coordinated the framing work.

The end result is absolutely stunning! She has captured the living tranquility of of my beautiful garden and brought it to my restaurant dining area….. Wow!!!!


Pete Luckett, Portugal

Chanelle's art is feminine without being too precious – and I really love that. There’s a softness and intentionality about it that I really appreciate. It feels like it’s speaking for me or matches me or my energy in a meaningful way.
Every time I walk past it, I have to stop and take it in. Even my 15 year old son finds himself doing that. There is always some new detail we notice. It’s an incredibly calming piece and I can’t wait to hang it in the perfect spot of our home.

Becky Morrison, USA

 I love that Chanelle's work shares a story. For me it is a reminder of what I have overcome, the importance expelling energy and allowing yourself to move on from your story.

Liz Hammond, CA

Chanelle-7 copy.jpg

About the Artist

When Chanelle discovered the power of her own mind, energy and emotions, her artwork began changing the lives of highly sensitive people throughout the world. 


Through her paintings, retreats and teachings, Chanelle has made it her mission to connect others with their hearts and show them what can be possible - something she is intimately familiar with after closing off her light at age 12.


Her subject matter focuses on themes that connect nature, everyday observation and healing through her use of blind contour methods. She creates her line drawings without looking at the paper as a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness. Her intimate and honest work helps people live with intention and feel deeply seen.

She is a graduate of Concordia University (Montreal, QC) with a BFA in Studio Arts and a minor in Environmental Geology (2021), author/illustrator of My Nova Scotia Cookbook (2018) and host of the yearly, Finding Awe Within the Ordinary Retreat.


Her work has been shown at Museo Bellini (Florence, Italy) and most recently, she was accepted as the Lunenburg School of the Arts, 2023 Artist-in-Residence. 


Jefferson’s pieces are held within the private collections of Pete Luckett and the MacKay-Lyons family. 

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