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 A 4-day retreat reconnecting you to your inner creator,  helping you break free from old patterns & self limitations  so that you can live in your boundless potential.



MAY 30th- JUNE 2nd


You have started the work but you know there's a deeper root to what you're feeling and experiencing.

Some days it feels like you're on the emotional rollercoaster and consistently feel called back to old systems - you need a loving hand to help you peel back the layers of the onion and uncover it all. 

You know it's time and you're ready to rise above the things that trigger you, step away from your old stories and evolve. We are ready to meet you exactly where you are, arms open and with love. There is no shaming, no guilt and no pity in this space.

We're working together to recreate your belief system while helping you take action so that you feel triggered less as we gently guide you to uncovering the root.

This retreat IS for you if you are feeling the call to: 

✔ Change reoccurring patterns in your life

✔ Have more control over your emotions and triggers while understanding the real reason behind them 

✔ Meet your needs in healthier ways 

✔ Receive 1:1 coaching, helping you get to the root of what's coming up for you

✔ Rest, heal and have space held for you

✔ Meet a like-minded community of women who are also doing the work 

This retreat is NOT for you if:

x You're not ready to take action on changing your own life or situation 

x You're not willing to step outside your comfort zone to allow radical growth 

You're wanting someone else to do the work for you

x You're looking for resort luxury (we'll be in cozy, comforting buknkies located hilltop on a farm)

x You don't enjoy being in nature

x You are wanting to drink alcohol during your stay (don't worry, we party in other ways) 

This retreat is a gift to your future self. It's what she's been waiting for...

Wake up surrounded by a lavender field in your private cabin. Sip on your daily bone broth and prepare for morning yoga after enjoying an organic breakfast. 

Grab a spot at our ocean-front retreat and be surrounded by a group of supportive women who are doing the work as you step further into your authenticity, accessing your next level. 

You'll be guided by experienced facilitators, Chanelle Jefferson and Emara Churchill who specialize in leading groups towards healing and transformation utilizing movement, breathwork, meditative arts and EME (energy, mind and emotions) counselling.

Access world class and transformational healing modalities while joining a once in a lifetime event to build your tribe. We’ll go on a guided foraging hike, have daily sauna and cold-dip sessions and receive 1:1 counselling, all while beginning and ending the day with movement through yoga and breathwork. 


Step into a vortex of life changing energy and co-create the life that is been waiting for you

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Pricing & Plans

When: May 30th - June 2nd, 2024 (Thursday through Sunday)

Where: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

* More information, location map and how to reach the bunkies will be  sent once you have made your booking


0/10 spots remaining

  • Pay in full (discounted)

    Group Program (retreat only)
    Valid for one month
    • (6) monthly healing sessions (in person or online)
    • Group chat access
    • Monthly bone broth & snacks at meetings
    • (6) meditations and journal prompts to your inbox
    • Group expert sessions with Claire-Louise & Amanda Ring
  • 6 month payment plan

    Every month
    Group program (retreat only)
    Valid for 6 months
    • (6) monthly healing sessions (in person or online)
    • (6) monthly meditations and journal prompts
    • Bone broth & snacks at every session
    • Access to group chat
    • Guest expert sessions with Amanda Ring and Claire- Louise
  • 9 month payment plan

    Every month
    Group program (retreat only)
    Valid for 9 months
    • (6) monthly healing sessions (online or in person)
    • (6) monthly meditations & journal prompts to your inbox
    • Bone broth and snacks at every session
    • Access to group chat
    • Guest expert sessions with Claire-Louise and Amanda Ring
  • 2 month payment plan

    Every month
    Group program (retreat only)
    Valid for 2 months


    All rooms are private bunkies* 

    If you would like to bring a friend to share your bunkie with, please reach out to us for a discounted rate 


    Tentative Retreat Schedule 

    *schedule is subject to variations or changes in time


    5:00 pm - Arrive & receive room arrangements 

    6:00pm -Opening ritual

    7:00pm - Dinner

    8:30 - Gentle evening yoga 


    Integration day

    (Optional) 8:30am - Gut healing bone broth

    Morning yoga 

    9:30 - Breakfast 

    10:00 - Morning session

    1:00 - Foraging Hike & picnic lunch 

    6:30 - Dinner 

    8:00 - Evening yoga 


    (Optional) 8:30am - Gut healing bone broth

    Morning yoga

    9:30 - Breakfast

    10:30 - Morning session 

    2:30 - Lunch

    3:30 - Afternoon session

    6:30 - Dinner

    8:00- Evening yoga 


    (Optional) 8:30am - Gut healing bone broth

    Morning Yoga

    9:30am - Breakfast

    11:30 - Check out


    The Breakdown

    Throughout this retreat you will be gently guided and supported as you prepare to re-emerge into the world. This experience will give you an opportunity to:

    • Spend three nights (four days) at Farm at South Cove - serene, cozy and luxury glamping bunkies, perched atop a hill overlooking a breathtaking lavender field. Comfortably, disconnect from your daily life and reconnect to the surrounding nature.

    Value: $5,700

    • Have three catered and gut healing meals a day provided by Jennifer Chandler Holistic Health, so that you can eat 100% organic, healthy and beautiful food - you will never have to plan a meal. (we can accommodate your dietary restrictions)

    Value: $1,200

    • 1:1 Counselling, so that you can be lead to the root of reoccurring patterns in your life with EME (energy mind & emotions) practitioner, Chanelle Jefferson so that you can get to the root of what is coming up for you - reoccurring patterns, deeply rooted pain, blocks and fears...

    Value: $1,000

    • 2x daily yoga with 500-hour YTT, Emara Churchill (ELY Health) so that you can process emotions through both gentle and powerful, uplifting movement

    Value: $400

    • Sacred breathwork session with trained specialist Amanda Ring, so that you can free up deep seated emotions held within the body and receive greater wellness and happiness 

    Value: $800 

    • Trigger Management & Vibrational Energy workshops by certified EME practitioner, Chanelle Jefferson - so that you can stop letting your emotions control you & manifest the life you truly desire.

    Value: $800

    • Implementation workshop so that you can learn the best ways to implement your discoveries into your daily life.

    Value: $600


    • Guided foraging workshop and hike by master, Jennifer Chandler

    Value: $600


    Access to daily sauna & cold dip spa

    Value: $250

    • A welcome bag full of our favourite goodies

    Value: $250


    • Free time so that you can take time to enjoy nature, swimming in the ocean, our spa,  journaling or relaxing. Time for YOU.

    • Learn how to discover the beauty that is right in front of you, so that you can appreciate and find happiness within the simplest of things (including within the hardships, the grief and the pain)

    • Community, so that you can build long lasting relationships with others who are committed to their healing journey and growth.

    Value: priceless




    Total Retreat Value: $11,600.00                Total Retreat Cost: $2,600.00

    Chanelle Jefferson

    Chanelle supports women in rewiring their mind, raising their vibration and accessing their hearts through connecting them back to their true and authentic self - before their belief systems were created from childhood experiences, trauma and societal programming. 


    She gently guides you throughout your healing journey while helping you shed layers that no longer serve you. Her work has helped people quit unaligned jobs, protect their energy, start businesses, remove and cure illnesses, create financial abundance, take inspired action, become authors and remove themselves from the rollercoaster of emotions that can be experienced on a daily basis. 


    EME Counselling:

    ​EME counselling using a communicative therapy methodology focused on getting to the root of a flawed belief system, working through childhood programming, beliefs, trigger management, the science of manifesting and the law of attraction. Helping individuals understand themselves and their patterns while rewiring their minds, hearts and energy to operate from their highest selves in all aspects of life and business.


    EME counselling is proven to:

      • Shift and remove the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping you from the life you truly desire,

      • eliminate symptomatic issues from psychosomatic health problems or diseases,

      • Learn how to deal with self-sabotaging personas that appear,

      • Shift disempowering and debilitating emotions into positive and empowering emotions,

      • increase income and ability to hold wealth, 

      • create a better quality of life.

    Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 2.39.25 PM.png

    Emara brings a rich tapestry of expertise and passion to the realm of wellness. Her credentials, include a 200-hour YTT certification with a therapeutic focus, Breathwork and Meditation certification, and ongoing pursuit of a 500-hour YTT.

    Her dedication to sharing the gift of mindfulness, particularly with women leading busy lives, is evident in her multifaceted approach. Emara incorporates mindful movement, meditation, and breathwork into her teachings, offering a diverse range of modalities to cater to individual needs.

    Practice with Ely Health

    We promise to offer accessible practices that infuse mindfulness into your everyday life. A daily practice that cultivates peace, purpose, and growth. Through this daily practice, you will begin to remember your worth and unlock your potential. Discovering hidden talents and tapping into your inner power. You will redefine your limits. We promise expert guidance. Receive instruction from experts in their respective fields who are dedicated to guiding your mindfulness journey.

    ELY Health & Emara Churchill

    The Impact the Retreat Has Had on Past Participants:

    2023 Participant 

    "If ever I could imagine investing in a gift for myself, this is it. I don't need anything else (except perhaps to do this again). I am at perfect peace within my body, I feel equipped with new knowledge and tools to keep my vibrations high. I felt fully held and supported by every person to be vulnerable and leave it all on the mat. Thank you for everything you have provided, physically and emotionally, and I can't wait to see you again."
    "The combination of care and knowledge offered in a thoughtful sequence by these three trusted guides helped me shift into a feeling of lightness and movement, brightness and confidence. I am so grateful to be reminded that we are all creators of happiness and peace and purpose in our own lives and the lives of others, when we truly trust that we can be."

    2023 Particpant

    "Chanelle has a way of meeting you exactly where you are. I registered for this retreat during a time of difficulty and uncertainty, when I was seeking alignment and answers to deep personal questions. I did not expect such a meaningful sense of community - and yet, that is what I found. From the moment I arrived, I felt instantly connected .. to myself, to nature, and to the women around me. I found peace and ease in a place where no one expected anything from me. I felt welcomed, celebrated, and held, in ways that I didn't know I needed. I left with a renewed sense of wonder and purpose, alight with excitement about the opportunities that exist when we do the opposite of what we've been conditioned to do: simply surrender. When we reach, with no expectation, the universe finds us in the most unexpected and fulfilling ways."

    Sunday Healers Circle Participants

    "I learned that I hold a subconscious fear of having a healthy body- I was reminded by this learning that the fear I carry is my mothers and I do not have to hold it or carry it any longer. It’s okay for me to have a healthy body."
    "The Sunday Healers Circle is a very special experience. When I entered the space, I immediately felt warm and welcome. I was surrounded by women who were willing to own their growth journey by stepping into discomfort. Through guided breathwork and mindful prompts, I was able to process challenging emotions that I didn't even know were present. I left feeling lighter, understanding that personal healing is expedited in a group setting like this one."

    Sunday Healers Circle Participant 

    "If you are feeling called to an event like the Sunday Healers Circle I strongly recommend you follow your gut feeling and intuition, you will not regret it! I am incredibly grateful to have had the pleasure of being guided through the day by such incredible women. The safety and comfort of each participant had been tended to with great care. The way I now feel going forward has changed my perspective and opened me up to what other things I am able to create. If you are looking to take control of your life and want to do so in a safe and inviting setting this is for you 💕"
    "The most powerful thing I discovered was that I can be a creator of happiness and peace and to sit quietly with myself, all of myself, and welcome reflection, grounding and dreaming in with forgiveness, grace, gratitude and an open-heart."

    The Space, food & previous experiences:

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