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Meet Me in the Messy Middle is a series of work that discusses the

Winter 2023

This series of work discusses the uncertainty and fear that arrises when we step outside of comfort and dip our toes in to new territory...

Each piece is a direct conversation with the voices of judgement and self-doubt that meet us at our growing edge. They share the process of learning how to question our inner thoughts instead of criticizing when they appear. After taking the time to sit with and question these voices, "why are you here?", "what is your purpose?", "which old part of me are you trying to help?", it is evident they serve us much deeper than we once knew. Keeping us small, safe and comfortable is their job - protection at all costs. Isn't that beautiful?

Our bodies respond to uncertainty like a powerful enemy. When we learn to adjust our perspective and thank our thoughts for their kind efforts and work, instead of resenting them, we can move forward and discover how to sit within the uncomfortable.  . 
This collection of work has been a kind reminder that the most beautiful things in life, more often than not, come out of moments of discomfort and uncertainty.  


Meet Me in the Messy Middle

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